First Impression: Bello Pet Stroller

I have known about pet strollers for a few years now, ever since one of my grandmas showed me a picture she took of this lady who came by her sari-sari store while pushing a stroller that had her pet dog in it- I never really entertained the idea of putting my pets in a stroller, but I did think it was cute- and a bit extra!

But, it is for Toby. And who doesnt love to spoil their pets from time to time? So, I looked for online sellers here in Manila (mainly on OLX and SHOPEE), and- yup, you guessed it! I got Toby one!

The brand of the stroller is “Bello” and functions just like a stroller for babies except, well- it’s for puppies and small dogs. The stroller comes in different colours. Yellow, blue, and purple are just some of the colour options. One version comes with 4 wheels, and one comes with 3. I got the product in light blue with white polka dots, with 3 wheels. Very cute!

What I like about this stroller (besides how adorable it looks) is the ease of assembly, yes- the stroller requires some light assembling. Other than that, it is very easy to fold, and just simple to use overall.

Thank goodness Bello remembered to have a hook (in this stroller’s case, 2 hooks) that you can clasp onto your dog’s harness, sewn into the inside of the stroller. This keeps your dog from jumping out… sort of. Toby managed to jump out when he was greeted by neighbours. He was saved by the hook.

I also like how the hood of the stroller can be pushed back or forward and the top mesh has a flap that you can flip over to cover the “peek hole”. The mesh parts at the front and rear can also be unzipped.

The stroller features two cup holders by the handles, and a storage basket under the main “bed”.

The front wheel turns 360 degrees and can be locked, aligning the wheel to go straight only. The two back wheels each have brakes.

I found it very easy to maneuver, even on uneven ground.

The stroller has some mesh parts to it, allowing for your dog to have lots of ventilation, and the main compartment is big enough to carry 2-3 Chihuahuas!

The only con that I can think of is the build quality. It feels light (maybe too light), and breakable; the main compartment doesn’t have much cushioning, so I just improvised by putting a towel and Toby’s dog bed in it; the wheels are barely rubber, but have a dense foam-like feel to them which causes the stroller to slide on more slippery surfaces when its brakes are locked. It certainly is not for human babies!

Nevertheless, Toby seemed to enjoy his ride, and not to mention how adorable he looks riding in it!

Note: Toby still gets his exercise in the morning when I let him run around the outside of the house, so don’t worry!


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